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S K I N   H E A L I N G

Oncology massage designed specifically for those with poor circulation, to relieve pain and fatigue.

We also use safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, hypoallergenic mineral skin care makeup products by Jane Iredale to protect your skin and help your skin regain a healthy feel and appearance, leaving you looking great and feeling better.

30 MINUTES $69.99

Oncology patients often need help to soothe and repair their skin which can be hypersensitive and extra dry from chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  During consultation, I will select the products or services that are designed to help maintain your skin's integrity and encourage total body wellness.  The main top skin challenges are:

  • Sensitive to touch

  • Sensitive to fragrances

  • Dehydration

  • Itchiness

  • Sun sensitivity

  • Inflammation

  • Rashes/Hives

  • Pigmentation and fragile skin that is prone to bruising or bleeding


Spa and Wellness

Oncology Skin Healing Facial is a safe and soothing treatment to help recover your appearance and improve the changes your skin under-go during and after cancer therapy. Combined with Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Qigong energy and appropriately modified lymphatic drainage, this treatment provides a feelings of nurturing and relaxation.

Oncology Body Massage - 30 min - $69.99

Oncology Custom Facial  - From $99.95

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