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S K I N   H E A L I N G

Spa and Wellness

Life can become difficult, demanding more of you than you're willing to give, and forcing you to fight harder than you're willing to. Come and see us to help soothe and relieve your skin from the harsh conditions of radiation and chemotherapy.  

Oncology patients often need help to soothe and repair their skin which can be hypersensitive and extra dry from chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  During consultation, I will select the products or services that are designed to help maintain your skin's integrity and encourage total body wellness.  The main top skin challenges are:

  • Sensitive to touch

  • Sensitive to fragrances

  • Dehydration

  • Itchiness

  • Sun sensitivity

  • Inflammation

  • Rashes/Hives

  • Pigmentation and fragile skin that is prone to bruising or bleeding


Oncology massage designed specifically for those with poor circulation, to relieve pain and fatigue.


We also use safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, hypoallergenic mineral skincare makeup products by Jane Iredale to protect your skin and help your skin regain a healthy feel and appearance, leaving you looking great and feeling better.

Oncology Body Massage - 30 min - $74.99

Oncology Custom Facial  - From $99.99

Oncology Skin Healing Facial is a safe and soothing treatment to help recover your appearance and improve the changes your skin under-go during and after cancer therapy. Combined with Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Qigong energy and appropriately modified lymphatic drainage, this treatment provides a feelings of nurturing and relaxation.

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