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Homeopathy Care

Our certified Homeopathic practitioner can assist you to create a foundation to support your body with the correct energetic frequencies through high homeopathic concentrate tincture remedy and supplements.  We focus on Prevention, Treatment, and Maintenance.

Maintaining healthy vibrant skin is far easier said than done and we all have challenges from skin issues.  Signs of one's aging skin can be described as winkles, sagging, acne, pigmentation, dullness etc...   This is typically caused by one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Indigestion like gas, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation,
    bloating, food/environment/products allergy

  • Hormonal imbalance, Thyroid imbalance,
    Irregular menstrual or PMS

  • Chronic inflammation, joint pains or arthritis

  • Respiratory troubles, allergies or sinus problems


There are some skin problems, which are just superficial while most others are related to internal problems.  Skin issues affect the face, hands and others exposed parts of the body.  Treating them superficially means just suppressing.  Depending each individual's modality, we will treat these skin challenges from their root cause and internally.

We will customize each treatment based on your current needs and we will help strengthen your body so that it returns to function the way it was designed to.

Book a complimentary consultation for one of the above treatment and see what a positive difference Elite Wellness MediSpa can fo for you. 

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