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Meet Joanne Le

Homeopathic Skin Care Specialist

Joanne Le

Growing up with natural skin challenges such as, acne, hyperpigmentation and scarring has affected Joanne's physically and emotionally through low self-esteem and a deep sense of depression. She knows how it feels when your image does not match.

​After gaining her degree in Information Technology, Joanne went to follow her true passion in skin care and wellness. In 2005,  She worked part-time in multiple clinics and spas while studying and expanding her knowledge and expertise.  She believes that knowledge is power and that keeping up to date with latest technology and training is of the utmost importance in caring for her clients. Her certifications include: Homeopathy HD, Medical Aesthetician, Oncology Aesthetician, Laser Technician, Micro-pigmentation Artist, and Makeup Artist. 

​In 2009, She began freelancing at different clinics and spas within and around the Greater Toronto Area to share her knowledge and passion with others while gaining more hands on experience with clients.  Soon, She proudly opened Elite Wellness MediSpa with an expertise in holistic health care for skin, correcting imperfections in skin and enhancing her client’s appearance with the latest in advance technology.

​Joanne provides every client with the individual attention they deserve to address his/her unique skin care concerns, and to exceed their expectations in achieving his/her optimum skin health and appearance. Let Joanne shares her passion with you.  

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