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IPL & Laser Treatment

The Cynosure system ICON offers a complete treatment solution for all skin types.  It has high peak power, state-of-the-art cooling, and the proprietary Skintel Melanin Reader allowing us to do IPL /Laser year-round with safe and effective treatments.

  • Permanent Hair Reduction disabling the cells responsible for new hair growth.

  • Facial vessel and pigment clearance(Benign Pigmented Lesions, Vascular Lesions, Rosacea, Broken Capillaries, Cherry Angioma)

  • Surgical and acne scar treatment

  • Stretch mark treatment

  • Wrinkle Reduction

  • Skin Non-invasive Resurfacing

Depending on Area treatment Price From $99.99


If you dream of youthful, glowing skin, we can help you reach your skin goals in a quick and effective way by choosing one of our Signature  Laser Facial


The packages price will be provided depending on the combination of the services. 

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