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S P A   S E R V I C E S



Permanent Makeup, also known as micro pigmentation, is a revolutionary

method of inserting small amounts of pigment into the dermal layer of the

skin in order to enhance one's features.  It is a convenient cosmetic

enhancement alternative to reshape, recolor, and recreate or modify your

natural features.

​The results of your procedure will vary depending on the method used to implant colour, the colours used, and everyday environmental factors.  You must expect your permanent makeup to fade somewhat over time, as your face is more exposed to the elements than the rest of your body. 

Maintain your permanent makeup by visiting your technician regularly for touch ups, as you need them.  This depends on the color you chose and the type of application.  If you choose a light color and light application, you may need to come back more often than those who choose a darker color and darker application.  Lighten colours and applications are frequently recommended as they look the most natural.



Designer Brows                                             $624.99

Designer Brows touch up                   From  $284.99

Minor touch up                                            $149.99

Upper Eyeliner                                               $399.99

Upper Eyeliner with Wing                   From $484.99

Upper & Lower Eyeliner                                $649.99

Lower Eyeliner                                                $399.99

Partial Lower Eyeliner                           From $199.99

Eyes touch up (Upper)                                  $249.99

Eyes touch up (Lower)                                  $225.00

Creamy Lip Liner                                            $399.99

Lip Blush                                                         $949.99

Touch up Lip Liner                                         $385.99

Touch up Full Lip Colour                      From $569.99

Beauty Mark                                                     $99.99

Multiple Beauty Marks                         From $149.99

Colour Correction                                From $249.99

Packages price will be provided depending on the combination of the services.

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